Frank D’Agnese, Ph.D.

President/Chief Technical Officer (Co-Founder)

Environmental systems analytics and technology innovator Frank A. D’Agnese develops and implements integrative enterprise solutions for businesses and research organizations with keen vision and experience in geospatial tools and big-data integration, analysis, and visualization. D’Agnese focuses on utilizing the internet as a tool for empowering cross-functional agility in organizations to better access and share information for efficient and effective business decisions. D’Agnese is known for his skill at creating and facilitating large, interdisciplinary and multi-organizational teams, developing a common understanding among project participants, and delivering tools that provide knowledge in a context appropriate for business decision-making. He has a strong history of innovation in enterprise mapping, collaboration, and social technologies and in the successful development and implementation of geospatial analysis and knowledge management projects with multi-million dollar budgets.

D’Agnese has a distinguished history of directing interdisciplinary investigations relying on big-data management, analysis, and visualization of complex natural- and human-engineered systems utilizing enterprise- and cloud-computing resources. He has developed innovative methods for assessing the impacts of resource development in complex natural, economic, and socio-political environments. His work has informed important decisions by The White House; numerous Federal, State, and Municipal government agencies; and industry leaders throughout the U.S. and abroad. Before co-founding Earth Knowledge, Dr. D’Agnese was a senior-level manager at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), directing technical programs of national and international significance, all of which involved big-data, geographic information integration, and enterprise collaboration.

His leadership in enterprise solutions development, big-data management technologies, technical program development, geographic information management, and enterprise social collaboration has resulted in over 100 publications and/or presentations, including invitations to speak as a keynote lecturer and to publish both nationally and internationally.



Julia Armstrong D’Agnese, M.S.

Chief Executive Officer (Co-Founder)

Julia Armstrong D’Agnese is a thought leader in building and maintaining strategic partnerships, and driving “Big Picture” innovative opportunities to propel individuals and organizations into new paradigms of thought and operation. As Earth Knowledge’s CEO, Julia constantly utilizes her ability to gain the respect of, and constructively challenge, business and organizational leaders advocating and driving reinvention in the use of technology. Her consultative and analytical bent of mind, passion for innovation, strong presence, and communication skills empower and inspire innovation, new opportunities, products, and vision. Her distinctive problem-solving and clear judgment have driven Earth Knowledge to meet and exceed client expectations.

Prior to starting Earth Knowledge, Julia owned her own consulting business for 18 yrs. advising and mentoring successful business leaders and individuals to “think-outside-the-box” in order to advocate and accelerate paradigm shifts in various industries, including venture capital, medical, legal, scientific, entertainment and technology sectors.



Chas Edelstein

Business and Investment Strategy Advisor

Mr. Edelstein was a partner at Credit Suisse, Head of its Global Services Group and Head of its Chicago office. He advised many of Credit Suisse's most important clients including Apollo, BP Amoco, Career Education, Corinthian Colleges, DeVry, Ford Motor Company, and S.C. Johnson. Mr. Edelstein is now a Sr. Advisor for Apollo Group, and Apollo Group past CEO. He also is an advisor for Madison Dearborn Partners.



Don Wuebbles, Ph.D

Sr. Global Change Advisor

Dr. Wuebbles shares in the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for Climate Change and is a lead author on the next IPCC panel. He is the Harry E. Preble Endowed Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences as well as in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois. He is a lead author on the first and second international assessments of climate change sponsored by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Dr. Wuebbles is a Faculty Fellow in the National Center for Supercomputing Applications. In 2007, Prof. Wuebbles was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Dr. Wuebbles served as Assistant Director, Office of Science & Technology, Executive Office of the President in 2014-2016.

2018 Dr. Wuebbles was awarded The Burt Bolin Global Environmental Change Award by AGU American Geophysical Union. This award is given annually to one individual or a team of individuals for their ground breaking research and/or leadership in global environmental change through cross-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary research in the past 10 years.



David Armstrong

Development & Systems Security Advisor

David Armstrong has over 39 years’ experience in software development with specific long-term experience in five-sigma level design, architecture, implementation and operation of highly secure SaaS systems for major customers in sectors such as banking, e-commerce, insurance, manufacturing among others. These projects have demonstrated industry-leading experience in interactive UI/UX design and implementation on a wide variety of platforms. Mr. Armstrong has a Computer Science degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago, IL.



Earth Knowledge CRADA with USDA Agricultural Research Service

Earth Knowledge has a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with USDA Agricultural Research Service which focuses on integrating key USDA research into EK decision tools to solve agriculture industry problems. Dr. Jerry Hatfield is Earth Knowledge-USDA CRADA sponsor. He is the Director of the USDA National Lab for Agriculture and the Environment, Nobel Laureate, and Lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA) Reports.