Earth Knowledge Network: Bridging Experts with Industry

For more than 25 years, Earth Knowledge leadership has built a comprehensive global network of authoritative organizations, industry leaders, and subject-matter experts that provide vast data, content, tools, expertise, reach, and brand recognition to our efforts in the key vertical markets that we address.

These groups and experts include esteemed Universities and Nonprofits, Corporate C-Level Executives, influential Public-Private Partnerships, and Nobel Laureates.

Our Earth Knowledge Network relationships and collaborations exist at the highest levels including global technology leaders like Google, NGO’s across the United Nations complex, and leadership at the White House.

Earth Knowledge Portal: Our Network in Action

An important early success of the Earth Knowledge Network was the launch of the Earth Knowledge Portal, an early implementation of the Earth Knowledge Platform. Sponsored in part by the Fortune 500 Company Apollo Group, parent company of the University of Phoenix, the EK Portal was used by the University’s 900,000 students, staff, and faculty.

The EK Portal was a first-to-market Global Sustainability Information Curation, Management, and Mapping Hub created in partnership with Google, BBC, Guardian, Reuters, WWF, Global Heritage Fund, NASA, NOAA, a host of universities and many more sciences organizations and media companies providing 24/7 Natural, Social, and Economic Information from around the globe.

The EK Portal’s success was exceptionally global attracting accolades from news outlets and bloggers around the globe and in many languages lauding and discussing its breadth of purpose, great design, and innovative functionality. The Portal was highlighted in a segment of “Going Green” that aired on CNN and other news outlets.

Google Partnership

Earth Knowledge partnered with Google following the 2006 launch of Google Earth and has since incorporated the innovative product into the Decision Tools platform. Today, Earth Knowledge designs ways to integrate Google Products into its technology offerings.


The collaborative partnership has produced several successful projects:

  • 2007-2013: A global information hub known as “Earth Knowledge Portal & Virtual Globe,” provided 24/7, live-streaming multimedia content that was categorized and searchable in partnership with Google Earth Outreach, United Nations, NASA, BBC, Guardian, Reuters and World WildLife Fund.

  • 2010: Earth Knowledge tested and built the Haiti Earthquake Virtual Globe which was a key use-case Daniel Chu emphasized when announcing the release of the Google Earth API plugin into the Maps API Premier product.

  • 2011: In partnership with the Google Earth Outreach team, a new version of the Earth Knowledge Portal & Virtual Globe launched utilizing semantic tagging, auto-categorization, geo-tagging and a number of narrated Google Earth Tours.
  • I get especially excited about how Earth Knowledge Decision Tools are a resource for understanding and communicating knowledge about the ongoing changes in the Earth’s climate…
    Dr Don Wuebbles, Nobel Laureate and Harry E. PrebleProfessor of Atmospheric Science,University of Illinois
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