Earth Knowledge was founded out of the profound knowing that how we as humans interact with our earth matters and that to be the most socially and economically successful, we would need to mitigate impacts and partner with our planet.

Since our conception in 2003, Corporations have gone from seeing the environment under "Social Corporate Responsibility" to "Chief Financial Officer" and "Chief Risk Management Officer" to a large majority of shareholders of publicly traded companies requesting reports of Global Change Risks, like climate and water.

Earth Knowledge has stayed steady with globally respected domain expertise and Earth Knowledge Network, integration of environmental data (sensors to satellite), our platform technology and collaborative process.

We are one of the most trusted environmental IT firms, sought out at the highest levels, as we know the information that industries who rely on the earth need, innovate at a global scale and we really care about our customer’s and our world's economic, social and environmental success and legacy.

This is why we’re here:

The Earth is highly complex, constantly changing, and communicating with us.

Industries that depend on the Earth for their success are faced with an increasing array of information that is growing by the day, hour, and even minute.

Environmental data can be confusing, fragmented, and overwhelming and it resides in government agencies, academic institutions, NGOs, and private companies all over the world.

Earth Knowledge manages this complexity of information by first integrating and then analyzing the sometimes subtle, yet interconnected, signals hidden in this massive volume of Earth data.

The Earth’s language is interconnected and multidimensional…

A “weather or water app” is just a small piece of the solution and provides a fragmented picture, rather than a Whole Understanding.

Earth Knowledge translates what it learns from this complex language into useful and actionable information and tools about the whole Earth system affecting your operations to better guide you in making decisions that are right for your specific needs.

The Earth Knowledge Network Translates the Data and Assists in Piecing Together the Whole Picture. Since 1990s Earth Knowledge leadership has been Collaborating with and Building a Global Network of Brilliant Experts: Nobel Laureates, Academic, Government, Nonprofit and Industry Experts.

Earth Knowledge Provides a Whole Understanding of Earth & Environmental Data,
Integrated with Important Information about your Specific Business Processes,
Simplifying their Complexity.
Providing You with Solutions that Help you make the Best Decisions.

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