Global Change and Sustainability Data are Different

The Earth Knowledge Platform isn’t just any tech analytics platform, it’s an Earth Analytics Platform conceived, designed, and built specifically for earth and environmental related data.

For three decades, Earth Knowledge leadership and its collaborative Earth Knowledge Network have focused specifically on using and understanding the Earth, its environment, and the communities and industries that rely on it.

Global Change and Sustainability data are truly unique, and there are many decades and many billions of dollars of Outstanding Research conducted by Brilliant People within Universities, Private Companies, Government Agencies, and Nonprofits all over the world.

Unfortunately, most of this data and information is fragmented, widely-dispersed, overwhelming, and quite frankly, confusing to many people.

There is not one single trustworthy source for earth knowledge.

This simple fact has been our inspiration.

Earth Knowledge actively creates partnerships and multi-organizational collaborations to collect, integrate, analyze, and translate data, information, and research from some of the most brilliant people in the world to transform how industries and communities make decisions.

We have had tremendous success building collaborations from local to national to global scales. Our ways of working to innovate and mobilize change are unique qualities that are sought after at the highest levels of communities and corporations.

Integrating Data means Integrating People, Processes, and Paradigms.

Clearly, the many people and organizations studying the Earth are as diverse as the Planet they are trying to understand.

They have different ways of communicating, different organizational processes, and completely different paradigms under which they operate.

Fact is: Community and Corporate Leaders, living in the trenches, facing real and often rapid Global Change, need the collective knowledge of all of these smart people, their complex processes, and their unique paradigms to inform their everyday decisions.

That is why we are here.

Earth Knowledge doesn’t try to change those people and organizations because they are different, we have learned how to embrace and leverage those differences

Working with and respecting these unique paradigms, honoring and crediting these brilliant researchers is central to Earth Knowledge values and strengths and the power of our Earth Knowledge Network.

  • This is something I’ve been waiting to see since Google Earth API was introduced.
    Ed Parsons, Google Geospatial Technologist
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