Financial Asset & Portfolio Management:

  • Sustainability of companies in portfolios
  • Global change risks on physical assets, operations, and supply chains
  • Historical, current and future potential risks
  • Enhanced ESG and climate risk information
  • Threshold events with many interacting natural, social, and economic factors

Green, Sustainable, & Municipal Bonds:

  • Veracity, transparency, and future performance risks
  • Global change risks to the economies and creditworthiness
  • Global change risks and financial challenges to bond issuers
  • Enhanced ESG and climate risk information
  • Risks that can intensify the need to balance financial exposure

Corporate Operations and Finance:

  • Best practices and benchmarking tools for sustainable operations and finance
  • Costs and risks to physical assets, operations, supply chain
  • Historical, current, and future operational and financial risks
  • Enhanced ESG and climate risk disclosure information
  • Direct impacts that result from both chronic and acute events
  • Second-order impacts of global change on economic & human ecosystems


  • Extreme Weather Events (Floods / Hurricanes / Heat Waves / Drought)
  • Climate Change Prediction, Adaptation, and Mitigation
  • Climate Change Resilience and Preparedness


  • Effects of Climate and Environmental Change on Human Health
  • Heat Stress and Respiratory Health (Asthma / Allergies)
  • Emergence / Reemergence and Spread of Infectious Disease


  • Water Supply and Availability
  • Watershed Health and Function
  • River Management
  • Flood and Waste-Water Management
  • Flood / Drought Prediction, Management, and Resilience
  • Surface-water and Groundwater Management and Optimization

Land / Resource Management:

  • Urban Systems, Infrastructure, and Transportation Resilience
  • Natural and Human-caused Hazards / Catastrophe Preparedness
  • Emergency Management
  • Forests and Rangeland (Health, Wildfire Management and Sustainable Use)
  • Coastal Management and Protection (Sea-Level Rise, Storm-Surge, Erosion, and Fisheries / Estuary Health)
  • Land-use Planning
  • Biodiversity Protection


  • Water / Irrigation Management and Efficiency
  • Crop Disease Assessment and Management
  • Soil Quality and Health
  • Pest / Invasives / Weed Management
  • Nutrient / Chemical Management
  • Climate Variability / Extreme Weather
  • Food-borne Disease
  • Food Security
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