Earth Knowledge Clarifies the Chaos

Maps and data visualization are powerful tools to connect people and information. There is so much data and information available, the key is to identify what matters most, and to communicate that information in a way that everyone can use – not just scientists or those trained in data management.

Earth Knowledge Decision Tools: a cohesive web-based application that incorporates information management related to Global Change, including:

  • decision-making tools
  • virtual map and globes
  • big-data analysis
  • business intelligence
  • social collaboration

Earth Knowledge Decision Tools is platform agnostic and can incorporate technology from Google, IBM, Apple, Amazon, ESRI, Microsoft and others.

The Earth Knowledge Decision Tools platform provides a simple, intuitive, elegant and engaging user interface and experience to ensure complex data is understandable and actionable to businesses and its stakeholders.


Google Partnership

Earth Knowledge partnered with Google following the 2006 launch of Google Earth and has since incorporated the innovative product into the Decision Tools platform. Today, Earth Knowledge designs ways to integrate Google Plus, Google Apps/Drive and Google Cloud into its technology offerings.


The collaborative partnership has produced several successful projects:

  • 2007-2013: A global information hub known as “Earth Knowledge Portal & Virtual Globe,” provided 24/7, live-streaming multimedia content that was categorized and searchable in partnership with Google Earth Outreach, United Nations, NASA, BBC, Guardian, Reuters and World WildLife Fund.

  • 2010: Earth Knowledge tested and built the Haiti Earthquake Virtual Globe which was a key use-case Daniel Chu emphasized when announcing the release of the Google Earth API plugin into the Maps API Premier product.

  • 2011: In partnership with the Google Earth Outreach team, a new version of the Earth Knowledge Portal & Virtual Globe launched utilizing semantic tagging, auto-categorization, geo-tagging and a number of narrated Google Earth Tours.
᾿This is something I have been waiting to see since the Google Earth API was introduced…

Ed Parsons,
Geospatial Technologist, Google

...this breadth of data and ease of exploration gives us the ability to understand... we're so enthusiastic about Earth Knowledge's efforts to provide this to millions of people around the world.

Google Earth Outreach

I get especially excited about how Decision Tools is a resource for understanding and communicating knowledge about the ongoing changes in the Earth’s climate…

Dr Don Wuebbles,
Nobel Laureate and Harry E. Preble Professor of Atmospheric Science, University of Illinois

Earth Knowledge Portal… an impressive collection of data that is tied together using the Google Earth Plug-in. Congrats to Earth Knowledge for putting together such a powerful product...

Google Earth Blog

This is something I’ve waited to see since the Google Earth API was released.

Ed Parsons,
Google Geospatial Technologist

Earth Knowledge takes content curation to a new level.

Paul Gillin,
Author of Secrets of Social Media Marketing and The New Influencers

Decision Tools provides a highly effective new paradigm for conducting, collaborating, and communicating world information.

Dr. A. Keith Turner
Emeritus Professor, Geological Engineering Colorado School of Mines

We highly recommend your work and the Decision Tools Technology

Bruce Wright,
Associate Vice President, University of Arizona

We’re so enthusiastic about Earth Knowledge’s efforts to provide this to millions of people around the world.

Google Earth
Outreach Team